Accounting & Control: VU University Amsterdam

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VU University Amsterdam, Graduate School of Economics and Business, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, Netherlands
Course Language(s) 
English, Dutch
Course Beginning 
1 year/3,5 years
App Deadline 
Non EU students: 1 March; EU students: 1 April
31 - (0)20-5985585
31 - (0)20-5986112


Course Description
The Master’s programme in Accounting and Control provides advanced study of accounting and financial management. The programme is an academic one, approaching Accounting and Control from a scientific angle. It deals with all aspects of generating, reporting and using financial data in organisations, thus offering the student a thorough grounding in the field of financial management (’controlling’), financial reporting and auditing. The subjects covered include the provision of financial information, financial planning, financial operations management, the drawing up of the annual financial report and auditing the annual accounts.
Career prospects
Once you have successfully completed the Master’s programme in Accounting and Control, you will have solid knowledge of the production chain within the financial and administrative operations of major organizations. You will have mastered the various aspects, from the initial recording of transactions through internal reporting and its implications for decision-making, to external presentation and auditing the reported figures.
The direction you decide to take will depend partly on your specialization. Management Control and Accounting trains you to become a financial manager and controller. The specialization in Financial Accounting and Auditing will allow you to embark on a career as an internal or public auditor. The Information Management specialization prepares you for a career in the field of management accountancy and consultancy, with an emphasis on knowledge of designing, running and securing information systems.
Admission requirements
You can gain direct access to the Master's programme in Accounting & Control with a university Bachelor's degree in Economics, Business Administration or Econometrics. However, you must have successfully completed the following subjects from the VU-curriculum, or their equivalents at other universities:

  • The compulsory core subject Accounting (kernvak Accounting)
  • The Accounting tutorial (werkcollege bij kernvak Accounting)
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Management Accounting
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Methods and Techniques for Business Economics Research.

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