Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: Jacobs University Bremen

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Bachelor of Science
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology: Jacobs University Bremen, Jacobs University Bremen, Anne Valtonen, Campus Ring 1, Bremen, 28759, Germany
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6 semester
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December 01, February 01, April 01, June 01 for September (early applications are given preference)
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Jacobs University Bremen, Office of Undergraduate Admission, Postfach 750561, 28725 Bremen

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The major Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (BICB) at Jacobs University is structured around the current challenges in bioinformatics: linking genome research and ecology, obtaining a structural understanding of individual and interacting biomolecules and aiming at a systems understanding of cellular function. In the first year the focus is on laying the foundations in biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as computer sciences. During this time an introductory course provides the link to bioinformatics. The dedicated bioinformatics courses start in the second year with lectures and lab courses covering both the theoretical as well as the applied aspects of bioinformatics. The aim is to provide ample opportunity for using bioinformatics tools and also to discuss in detail the underlying algorithms. At the same time education in biochemistry and molecular biology, as well as in computer science is continued in advanced courses. In the third year research projects are done in the different groups here at Jacobs University. With these guided research projects we aim to bring students in contact with cutting-edge research early in their studies and to further their ability to perform independent research.

The BICB major is interlinked with the computer science majors at Jacobs University. Furthermore, it provides methods to all the life science majors. Students in BICB at Jacobs University learn how to apply bioinformatics methods productively in a wide range of fields and, embedded in the bioinformatics and computational biology groups, how to set up and pursue high-level research projects.

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