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Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Biomedical Technologies Cell Culture Methods Bioreactors Cancer Biology Bioprocess Technology Analytics Bioinformatics Management and Marketing Soft Skills 0043 2732 802 521

Structural Biology and Biophysics: The University of Manchester

Course description Structural and biophysical analyses are essential in understanding modern biology and cellular processes. This multidisciplinary research area combines both solution and solid-... +44 (0)161 275 5032 +44 (0)161 275 5657

Plant Biotechnology: Wageningen University and Research Centre

About the programme Plant Biotechnology aims to impart understanding of the basic principles of the plant sciences and molecular biology, as well as the integration of these disciplines, to provide... +31 (0)317 48 47 67

PhD Biotechnology: The University of Manchester

Course description PhD programmes are based on individual research projects that last 3 or 4 years, working with a specific academic supervisor (principle investigators). Applicants are specifically... +44 (0)161 275 5608 +44 (0)161 275 5657

MSc Molecular Biotechnology: University of the West of England

Introduction Molecular Biotechnology is the leading-edge science of manipulating genes and transferring them between organisms in order to produce useful products or commercial processes. Although... +44 (0)117 32 83819 +44 (0)117 32 82904

MSc Medical Biotechnology: University of Westminster

Introduction Demand for process technology specialists in the pharmaceutical industries is rising. Research and development of new "biological" pharmaceuticals is often carried out by small... +44 (0)20 7911 5883 +44 (0)20 7911 5079

MSc Environmental Biotechnology: University of Westminster

Introduction This course will provide you with knowledge and understanding in the rapidly developing field of Environmental Biotechnology. The course will explore the underlying scientific principles... +44 (0)20 7911 5883 +44 (0)20 7911 5079

MSc Drug Discovery and Development: University of Westminster

Introduction This course is designed to provide an insight into aspects of the drug discovery and development process, by looking at a number of diseases including cardiovascular, neuro and... +44 (0)20 7911 5883 +44 (0)20 7911 5079

MSc Cellular Pathology: University of Westminster

Introduction The MSc Cellular Pathology course is designed to meet the changing needs of the routine cellular pathology department. It will provide an opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of... +44 (0)20 7911 5883 +44 (0)20 7911 5079

MSc Biomedical Sciences: University of Westminster

Course Overview This full-time Masters programme is usually completed in one academic year. It is available to both UK and overseas students who already have extensive laboratory experience but who... +44 (0)20 7911 5883 +44 (0)20 7911 5079

MSc Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology: University of Westminster

Introduction This course is designed to meet industry's growing demand for personnel with expertise in applied microbiology and biotechnology. Theoretical studies are complemented by hands-on... +44 (0)20 7911 5883 +44 (0)20 7911 5079

MPhil Biotechnology: The University of Manchester

Course description The MPhil is a one-year research degree where students get the opportunity to study a specific research project. The MPhil degree can act as a stand-alone degree for applicants who... +44 (0)161 275 5608 +44 (0)161 275 5657

Molecular Biotechnology: University of Heidelberg

This Master's programme offers an innovative combination of the fields Bioinformatics, Biophysical Chemistry and Drug Development. The interdisciplinary character of the programme allows students... +49.6221.544.878 +49.6221.544.393

Molecular Biotechnology: University of Bonn

About the programme International Masters Course in Molecular Biotechnology., taught fully in English, is aimed at graduate students (from such fields as biology, nutrition, agriculture, chemistry,... +49.228.732.833 +49.228.731.696

Master's Programme in Agro-Biotechnology: University of Giessen

The programme comprises mandatory courses (modules) in microbial, plant and human/animal biotechnology and genomics as well as biotech-risk assessment/ethics and patent law. These courses support the... +49.641.993.7352 +49.641.993.7359

Life Sciences Interface: University of Oxford

Research Programmes Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre DPhil Students undertake a four-year training programme. The first two terms are devoted to acquiring theoretical and technical... +44(0)1865 610662 +44(0)1865 610670

Life Science & Technology: Delft University of Technology

Course Description This offers great promise not only on the theoretical level, but also for very practical applications: in developing cleaner industrial processes, better medicines, and more... 31 - (0)15-2787774 31 - (0)15-2782655

Exercise Biochemistry PhD/MPhil: University of Briminghum

Research in this area falls into two broad fields: mechanisms of central and peripheral fatigue, and studies of metabolism and nutrition. The causes and consequences of fatigue Fatigue is one of the... + 44 (0)121 414 4115 + 44 (0)121 414 4121

Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics: The University of Manchester

Course description Evolutionary genetics can used to address a wide range of exciting research questions in molecular evolution, genome evolution, adaptation, speciation, conservation, the evolution... +44 (0)161 275 5032 +44 (0)161 275 5657

BSc(Hons) Medical Biotechnology: University of East London

About the programme Medical biotechnology is a set of biological techniques, in particular recombinant DNA techniques, developed through basic research and now applied to research and product... +44 (0)20 8223 3333