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Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular: University of Oxford, University of Oxford, Department of Biochemistry, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3QU, Oxford, United Kingdom
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Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry at Oxford

The Biochemistry Department in Oxford is one of the largest in Europe, and includes sub-departments of Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular Biophysics, Glycobiology, Immunochemistry and Systems Biology. The Department and its subdepartments are extremely active in research, and the breadth of these activities is reflected in the undergraduate course.

The Department has excellent laboratory facilities, an extensive computer network and access to a wide range of online and hard copy journals.

An important aspect of the Oxford Biochemistry course is its fourth-year project, lasting 20-weeks full time, which allows you to explore both laboratory-based research and specific recent advances in biochemistry in detail. You choose the project yourself. Under the supervision of a group leader, you will design your own experiments, and will learn to plan research programmes and present your results and ideas – orally and in written form – to other workers in the field. The experience gained is much valued by employers. The project also gives you the opportunity to reflect on your aptitude and enthusiasm for a research career.

Admission requirements:

A typical weekly timetable

During years 1–3, your work is divided between lectures (about ten per week), tutorials (one or two per week) and practicals (averaging one full day per week). The remaining time is spent on private study (set reading, or problem-solving exercises). In the fourth year, the project occupies you in fulltime research for twenty weeks, and the remainder of the year is spent in studying specialist option topics. Your final degree class is derived from a combination of marks from second-, third- and fourth-year courses.

Course summary

1st year Courses

Five courses are taken:

  1. Molecular cell biology
  2. Biological chemistry
  3. Biophysical chemistry
  4. Organic chemistry
  5. Elementary maths and statistics


  • First University examinations (Preliminary)
  • Five written papers; satisfactory practical recor

2nd and 3rd year Courses

Five courses are taken:

  1. Structure and function of macromolecules
  2. Energetics and metabolic processes
  3. Genetics and molecular biology
  4. Cell biology and integration of function
  5. Data handling and interpretation


  • Final University examinations, Part 1
  • Six written papers; satisfactory practical record

4th year Courses

A research project (full-time, 20-weeks), plus two courses taken from the following options:

  1. Bionanotechnology
  2. Human disease
  3. Plant molecular biology
  4. Membrane transport
  5. Molecular immunology
  6. Neuropharmacology
  7. Virology
  8. Glycobiology


  • Final University examinations, Part 2
  • Project dissertation and oral presentation; two written papers

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