Biotechnology: Wageningen University and Research Centre

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Biotechnology: Wageningen University and Research Centre, P.O. Box 9101 , 6700 HB, Wageningen, Netherlands
Course Language(s) 
Course Beginning 
2 years
App Deadline 
01 May for non-EU/EEA and 01 July for EU/EEA
31 - (0)317-484223
31 - (0)317-484464


About the programme

Biotechnology is defined as the industrial exploitation of living organisms or the exploitation of components derived from these organisms. Its practical applications include age-old techniques such as brewing and fermentation, which are still important today.

A Master of Science in Biotechnology is an expert in one (group of) discipline(s) AND has to have sufficient knowledge and skills in other disciplines to cooperate with experts from the other disciplines. Therefore, students specialise during the Master programme AND learn how to solve complex biotechnological problems in a multidisciplinary team.

Future career

The first job after graduation, obtained by Msc biotechnologist, is often localised at a research institute or an university in- or outside the Netherland. Although most graduates choose for a career in science about 1/3 also starts in functions as engineer or technical expert.

After 5 years, about one third will still be employed as scientist at an university or research center. The others choose for a job in the biotechnological industry and work at companies like DSM, Intervet or Crucell. It is striking, that more than the half of the MSc biotechnology graduates, later in their career, will get a management function.

Admission requirments

Students who want to enrol the MSc programme of biotechnology at Wageningen University must have:

  • at least a BSc degree of equivalent in biotechnology, (molecular) biology, biochemistry, life sciences, chemical engineering, environmental technology or a related study
  • good skills in mathematics
  • basic computer skills

English language requirments

For the Msc biotechnology programme a TOEFL with a minimum score of 550 points is required. Additionally, thei accept the following minimum marks of the Dutch high school: VWO – 6; HAVO- 7.

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