Business Administration: University of Vienna

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Bachelor's degree
Business Administration: University of Vienna, 1210 Vienna, Brno Straße 72, Vienna, Austria
Business and Ebusiness
6 semesters
+43-1-4277-371 01
+43-1-4277-9 371


180 ECTS points, no study period (30 ECTS), nuclear phase of modules (106 ECTS), specialization phase (40 ECTS), Bachelor (4 ECTS);

  • The aim:
    The intense confrontation with methodological subjects to the theoretical analytical requirements of a modern business management training needs;
    The sound and broad knowledge placement in the general core areas of business and economics, including the Business Languages;
    The choice of a specialization
  • Professional fields:
    The aim of studying business administration at the University of Vienna is to graduates forth, both through its technical know-how as well as their management skills to the requirements of the Austrian economy in a dynamic and global environment. It is one of the small and mittelbetriebliche corporate structure of the Austrian economy and on the developments in the field of new (information) technologies (IT) carefully.

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