Chemistry MChem: University of Southampton

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Chemistry MChem: University of Southampton, School of Chemistry, University of Southampton, Southampton SO17 1BJ, Southampton, United Kingdom
4 years
Scholarship and Grants

+44 (0)23 8059 4118
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Course overview

  • Chemistry influences many different aspects of their lives. Studying chemistry creates opportunities for you that might one day contribute to their future quality of life.
  • MChem degrees follow the same curriculum as the BSc in years one and two
  • An extensive range of advanced chemistry courses, studied in year three and/or year four (“with” degrees replace some of these with courses in your chosen “with” area F1BC, F1F8 and F1GC)
  • The key difference between the MChem degrees is in the nature of the placement and research opportunities

Course content

  • Fundamentals of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry
  • Advanced subject specialisation (eg natural product synthesis, materials chemistry, nanoscience, electrochemistry, medicinal chemistry, laser spectroscopy, environmental chemistry, X-ray crystallography)
  • Relevant and topical laboratory teaching
  • At least one independent research opportunity
  • Possibility of an industrial research placement
  • Skills training relevant to all potential careers

Entry requirements

  • A levels: ABB
  • IB: 34-32 points, 16 at higher level
  • Intake: 85-90
  • Average applicants per place: 7

Main University Contact

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