Study Cultural Studies in Europe

War Studies: University of Birmingham

What is war? Why study it? Why are wars so common? What are they for?  What, if anything, do they achieve? How important are technology, leadership and tactics to the outcome of wars? How have... +44(0)121 414 5736 +44(0)121 414 3656

Visual Cultures: The University of Manchester

Course description BA (Hons) Visual Cultures allows for both unusually broad choice of subject areas and for in-depth study and research. The teaching team has particular strengths in Classical,... +44(0)161 275 3348 +44(0)161 275 3098

Urban Studies: University of Vienna

The aim: the placement of that knowledge, skills and competencies in the fields of social, economic and cultural city research; Professional fields: Urban planning, social planning, project... +43-1-4277-503 01 +43-1-4277-9 503

Urban Studies: University of Amsterdam

Educational requirements: Academic Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field, including Human geography, urban planning, political science, sociology, anthropology. Language... 31 - (0)20-5253777 31 - (0)20-5253778

Turkish Studies: University of Vienna

The aim: the philological-depth knowledge of modern Turkey Turkish, Ottoman, another Turkic language and modern Neupersischen; eingenständigen the ability to deal with current scientific and... +43-1-4277-451 01 +43-1-4277-9 451

Trans-Cultural Communication: University of Vienna

The aim is to Vermittung: the basic scientific knowledge and methods and the practical skills required for the professional activity in the area of transcultural communication are necessary; the... +43-1-4277-582 01 +43-1-4277-9 582

Tibetan Studies: University of Vienna

The aim: knowledge of the cultural and social developments in Tibet and their pre-conditions in the fields of literature of classical and modern Tibetan language and literature, philosophy and... +43-1-4277-451 01 +43-1-4277-9 451

The Americas, Las Américas, Les Amériques: University of Düsseldorf

The interdisciplinary Master of Arts programme has been specially designed to provide masters-level students with intercultural competency and analytical skills in the area of Interamerican Studies.... +49.211.811.4019 +49.211.811.2839

Study of Culture: University of Giessen

International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture The GCSC offers a clearly structured postgraduate curriculum tailored to support dissertation projects in the humanities and social sciences.... +49.641.993.0041 +49.641.993.0049

Sport, Physical Education and Community Studies: University of Birmingham

This degree offers you the opportunity to examine the theory and practice of physical education, sport and coaching across education and community boundaries. You will gain skills that will enable... +44 (0)121 414 4866 +44 (0) 121 414 4865

Southeast Asian Studies: University of Passau

About the programme Theory and Methods:In this module general and specific theories of Southeast Asian society, culture and politics as well as history are discussed and basic research skills like... +49.851.509.1127/1128/1138 +49.851.509.1139

Southeast Asian Studies: Leiden University

Educational requirements: BA degree Languages and Cultures of Southeast Asia and Oceania or a relevant field (see website Language requirements: TOEFL (minimum score: 570/230);... 31 - (0)71-5277287 31 - (0)71-5277298

Slavic Studies: University of Vienna

The aim: the basic scientific knowledge of the Slavic languages, literature and culture in history and present; the mastery of active and passive control Slavic languages; 180 ECTS points, 30 no... +43-1-4277-451 01 +43-1-4277-9 451

Slavic Languages and Cultures: Leiden University

Educational requirements: BA degree in Slavic Languages and Cultures or a relevant subject. Language requirements: TOEFL (minimum score: 570/230); IELTS (minimum score: 6.5) Other requirements: See... 31 - (0)71-5277287 31 - (0)71-5277298

Sinology: University of Vienna

The aim: the basic knowledge of modern Chinese high-level language; to build a knowledge base, particularly to the three points history and society, literature and culture and politics, law and... +43-1-4277-451 01 +43-1-4277-9 451

Scandinavian Studies: University of Vienna

The aim: the collection of Scandinavian languages (Danish, Färörisch, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish), literatures, cultures and societies in history and present; 180 ECTS points,... +43-1-4277-451 01 +43-1-4277-9 451

Russian Studies: University of Birmingham

Why study Russia? Because Russia is an important player on the global scene. It is a country that has undergone fascinating and tumultuous changes in the past century. Western businesses are spending... +44(0)121 414 6346 +44(0)121 414 3423

Russian & East European Studies MPhil/MSc: University of Oxford

Taught Programmes MPhil in Russian and East European Studies Students usually have previous degrees in the social sciences, history, relevant languages and literature, or area studies. The course... +44 (0)1865 284995 or 274694 +44 (0)1865 284992

Romance Studies: University of Vienna

The aim: providing a diverse language skills (language training); the placement of a broad-focused scientific competence (language, literature, media and state science); 180 ECTS points, including... +43-1-4277-451 01 +43-1-4277-9 451

Research in Cultural Analysis: University of Amsterdam

Introduction The programme is dedicated to the interdisciplinary analysis of culture at large. Cultural phenomena such as works of art and literature, cinema and new media, and popular culture, as... 31 - (0)20-5254481 31 - (0)20-5253592