Environmental and Resource Management: Brandenburg University of Technology

Master of Science
Environmental and Resource Management: Brandenburg University of Technology, Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus, Dipl.-Ing. agr. Katja Jäger, Konrad-Wachsmann-Allee 1, Cottbus, 3013, Germany
Ecology Environment
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Course Beginning 
Winter semester: beginning of October
M.Sc.: 4 semester including Master's thesis; B.Sc.: 6 semester including Bachelor's thesis; Ph.D.: 6 semester including Ph.D. thesis (+ 2 semester, if preparatory studies are appropriate)
App Deadline 
June 01 for applicants with foreign educational credentials; There is no application deadline for the Ph.D. programme



The international study course "Environmental and Resource Management" offers an integrated approach to current international issues helping to improve the quality of professional environmental management for the 21st century. Recognising that environmental questions can no longer be solved by a singular academic discipline, the course offers classes in a wide range of fields, including technical subjects as well as classes in natural sciences, sociology and economics. Based on these three main directions, more specific classes are offered. These deal with current environmental issues, such as techniques for resource protection, concepts in environmental planning, risk and impact assessment, as well as the socio-economic implications. The acquisition of management skills and social competence is therefore valued as highly and as indispensably as the technical and scientific knowledge.

The three programmes can be studied either consecutively or independently. While the Bachelor's programme offers a broad approach to the subject, building a solid base, the Master's programme allows more room for individual fields of interest and adapts to the student's academic background. It is during this phase that one must choose a major field of study for completion of the Master's thesis. During the Ph.D. programme, participants must become specialists, carrying out individual research for their scientific Ph.D. thesis taken from the wide field of Environmental and Resource Management. Ph.D. candidates are integrated into an international and interdisciplinary group with fellow Ph.D. students and scientists.

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