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Money, Banking and Finance with Language: University of Birmingham, Department of Economics, University of Birmingham, 90 Vincent Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Banking and Insurance
4 years
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Courses available

  • Money, Banking and Finance with French BSc
    UCAS code: N3R1
  • Money, Banking and Finance with German BSc
    UCAS code: N3R2
  • Money, Banking and Finance with Italian BSc
    UCAS code: N3R3
  • Money, Banking and Finance with Portuguese BSc
    UCAS code: N3R5
  • Money, Banking and Finance with Spanish BSc
    UCAS code: N3R4

Be ready for the global market: our Money, Banking and Finance (MBF) with Language programmes combine the rigour of an economics degree with practical focus on banking, accounting, law and finance, plus competence in a modern European language.

Birmingham’s established MBF with Language  programmes were developed in response to demand from employers in the financial services sector for informed, able graduates with a relevant degree and strong linguistic background. They are designed to provide you with the intellectual skills to work in this dynamic and fast-changing industry, whether in the UK or internationally, and should further enable you to gain exemptions from relevant professional examinations such as the ICAEW.

First year

You study core compulsory courses in Economics, Accounting, Law and Quantitative Methods, alongside study of your language option, which includes the relevant country’s social and political background.

Second year

In the second year you build on this foundation with more advanced compulsory modules in Economics, Financial Management, Quantitative Methods, Banking Law, and your relevant language option.

Third year

You spend this year taking relevant courses at a university in the appropriate European country.

Fourth year

In the final year, back in Birmingham, you move on to more advanced analysis of economics, banking and finance, and advance your chosen language to a high level of competence. Additionally, options are available in various areas of economics, accounting and finance that allow you to specialise in your preferred fields.

At the end of this degree, you should have a good appreciation of economics relating to financial markets and institutions; quantitative techniques for empirical analysis of economic and financial data; accounting concepts relevant to financial market analysis; the legal aspects of financial services; and the history, culture, political structure and economy of the relevant European country, allied to a high level of linguistic skill.

Teaching and assessment

Teaching is by lectures, small groups and computer-based exercise classes. You are assessed mainly through examinations, with some assessed assignments for more practical modules.

You will complete an essay while abroad, to be examined for both language and economics content, and you will also write an extended essay in your fourth year, allowing you to consolidate the wide range of your acquired skills.

Career opportunities

In addition to positions in the domestic banking, financial and government sectors, and the accountancy and legal professions, you should be well qualified for jobs internationally, including positions with major international organisations.

Entry requirements

  • Number of A levels required: 3
  • Typical offer: ABB
  • Required subjects and grades: A level French grade B (N3R1); A level German grade B (N3R2); evidence of language ability at A level for Italian, Spanish and Portuguese; GCSE Mathematics at grade B if not offered at A or AS level
  • General Studies: not accepted, but a good performance may be taken into account if you fail to meet the conditions of the offer
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma: 32–34 points including an appropriate language at HL

Other qualifications are considered – see the entry requirements section for full details

Contact details

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Main University Switchboard

  • Postal address: The University of Birmingham
    B15 2TT
    United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44 (0)121 414 3344
  • Fax: +44(0)121 414 3971


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