Information and Automation Engineering: University of Bremen

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Master degree
Information and Automation Engineering: University of Bremen, Universität Bremen, Prof. Dr. Axel Gräser, Otto-Hahn-Allee NW 1, Bremen, 28359, Germany
Information technology and Telecommunication
Course Language(s) 
English and German
Course Beginning 
2 years
App Deadline 
Submit Application To 

Universität Bremen, MSc in CIT/IAE, Otto-Hahn-Allee / NW1, Room N1240 / Postfach 210, 28359 Bremen, Germany



The curriculum consists of compulsory courses, elective courses, and adaptation courses. You can choose from the list in the Course Catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) at . You must attend and pass the stated number of courses, but you are free to choose which courses you would like to attend and when. You may also choose courses not on the list after consultation with the Master's Examination Board. They also offer a two-semester Master's seminar: in the first semester you will make a presentation about your background, your country, your home university, your Bachelor's work and/or working experience; in the second semester you will make a presentation and write a report on a topic of current research assigned by your mentor. Labs offer the opportunity for experimental work.

The project is a scientific assignment that lasts half a semester. It consists of scientific work, a written report and an oral presentation. The Master's thesis completes the course. The compulsory courses and labs are: Control Theory, Process Automation, Robotics I, Robotics II, C++ Basics, C++ and model-driven development, Dynamic Systems, Power Converter Technology, control Laboratory, Real-Time Software Design. Elective courses can be chosen from a list of topics: Channel Coding, Design of electrical drives, Micro Actuators, Stochastic Simulation of Communication Networks and their Protocols, Drives Control and Mechatronics, Microwave Engineering, Communications Technology, Digital Signal Processing, Patent Law, Integrated Circuits, Integrated Systems.

Your application must include the following:

  1. application form with your personal data
  2. certificate of English language ability
    • TOEFL test or supporting documentation about past enrolment in full-time courses given in English or test comparable with TOEFL. A preliminary admittance may be granted to all candidates with a German FH-Diploma if their English language ability is sufficient for following the courses. In this case they have to pass the TOEFL or a comparable test before the end of the programme
  3. certificate of the first degree (B.Sc., FH-Diplom, or other degree qualifying for admission).
  4. certificate of the secondary school degree.
  5. supporting documentation about relevant courses attended and completed at your home university
  6. detailed Curriculum Vitae
  7. statement of objectives
    • On a separate sheet, and not exceeding one page, please state in your own words why you choose to apply for the course. Be specific about your personal interests in the field and how you hope to benefit from the program. Tell them also about your future plans after completion of the program. Please note that this statement of objectives is important for them and also for your application process
  8. two letters of recommendations enclosed in sealed envelopes with full address and E-Mail of the recommending persons. You should use our offered form
  9. 1 photo (passport size, for internal use only. Your name and date of birth have to be written on the backside)

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