The Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics: University of Cambridge

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MPhil, PhD
The Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics: University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge, English Faculty Building 3rd Floor, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Languages and linguistics
App Deadline 
MPhil: 15 February for certain types of funding (but much earlier application is advised as places are limited); PhD: MPhil students are only admitted in October, but it is possible to continue to a PhD at the beginning of any term
+44 (0)1223 767397


Established in 1988, the Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics is a free-standing University department, though its staff are also members of the Faculty of English. Their primary purpose is to undertake and promote research in English and applied linguistics.

Key research areas:

The research interests of staff members cluster around English and general linguistics; first language acquisition, second language acquisition and learning theory; language processing; typology and language contrasts; pragmatics and discourse processing;

And computational linguistics:

  • Syntax; morphology; computational linguistics; semantics (JP Blevins)
  • Automated corpus analysis, psycho-computational models of language acquisition (P Buttery)
  • English grammar from a psycholinguistic perspective, efficiency and complexity in language use (J Hawkins)
  • Theoretical and experimental semantics and pragmatics, reasoning and rhetoric (N Katsos)
  • Computational linguistics, natural language processing (A Korhonen)
  • Comparison of first and second language acquisition; discourse analysis; psycholinguistics (H Hendriks)
  • First and second language acquisition; syntax; morphology (T Parodi)
  • Phonetics, phonology, cognitive psychology (B Post)
  • Assessment; language testing; measurement theory; education; research design (L Taylor, ESOL UCLES)
  • Psycholinguistics; cognitive psychology; second language learning (J Williams)

Further information:

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