Processing of affective stimuli: University of Würzburg

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Ph.D. degree
Processing of affective stimuli: University of Würzburg, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Prof. Dr. Paul Pauli, Marcusstraße 9-11, Würzburg, 97070, Germany
Course Language(s) 
German, English
Course Beginning 
3 years


Processing of affective stimuli: from the molecular basis to the emotional experience

The present Graduiertenkolleg (GK) aims at identifying important mediators and moderators influencing the processing of affective stimuli.

To reach this goal, nine research groups from

  • philosophy
  • psychology
  • psychiatry
  • neurology
  • anatomy, and
  • physiology

will closely collaborate in order to develop excellent and internationally viable interdisciplinary research opportunities for doctoral students within the Affective Sciences. The projects of the GK converge on four levels, each addressed by human or animal research: the neurobiological and molecular basis for the processing of affective stimuli, the morphology and anatomy of the involved neural systems, normal and pathological emotional behaviour on a cognitive, behavioural and physiological level, and modulating self-regulation processes and contexts. Special interests of the GK are to evaluate the role of the serotonin system and the amygdala in the processing of affective stimuli on several work levels and to identify interactions between levels. The philosophy project provides a theoretical framework for the empirical-experimental projects, and itself focuses on the epistemological, anthropological and ethical dimension of research on emotion.

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