Veterinary Medicine: University of Cambridge

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MPhil, PhD
Veterinary Medicine: University of Cambridge, University of Cambridge, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0ES, Cambridge, United Kingdom
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+44 (0)1223 330811


At the Department of Veterinary Medicine they foster a strong research ethos and have developed a Centre for Veterinary Sciences as an umbrella for the research enterprise. They pride theirselves on their approach to developing medicine (veterinary and human) through both fundamental and applied research, and on creating bridges between the lab and the clinic.

They also seek to offer the best possible training in these fields to the brightest and most enterprising of the world's students.

Key research areas

  • Infection and immunity (Dr Barbara Blacklaws, Dr Clare Bryant, Prof Ian McConnell)
  • Molecular microbiology (Prof Duncan Maskell, Dr Pietro Mastroeni)
  • Virology (Dr Barbara Blacklaws, Dr Laurence Tiley, Dr Hugh Field)
  • Transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (Dr Raymond Bujdoso, Prof Ian McConnell)
  • Neurology and clinical neurology (Prof Robin Franklin, Prof Nick Jeffrey)
  • Comparative and disease genetics (Dr David Sargan, Dr Barbara Skelly, Prof Malcolm Ferguson-Smith)
  • Equine orthopaedics (Dr Frances Henson)
  • Host cell biology in infection (Dr Clare Bryant)
  • Animal welfare and animal-human interactions (Prof Don Broom)
  • Large animal reproduction (Dr Nicky Holdstock, Prof WR (Twink) Allen)
  • Epidemiology and informatics (Dr Fred Heath, Dr Mark Holmes, Dr Gareth Pearce, Dr James Wood)
  • Physiology and pathology of membrane transport (Dr John Gibson)
  • Public health, pig diseases and disease resistance (Dr Dan Tucker)
  • Veterinary and comparative oncology (Dr Jane Dobson, Dr Tom Scase, Dr David Sargan)

Research collaborations

  • They collaborate extensively, both within Cambridge and further afield.

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